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If you wish to have different levels of access to each lock in an apartment, hotel or ware house, then a master key system is the ideal choice. It allows you to carry just a single key for all the locks in the premises and you need not keep searching for the right keys from the large bunch every time. Father Son Locksmith Shop is a renowned locksmith firm that provides excellent master key solutions that are tailor-made to suit your requirements. We have helped various clients in Hingham, MA with exclusive locksmith services for the past 10 years.

How it works?

A master key system contains a set of locks which has a unique key for each of it and also a master key that can open all the locks in the set. So every lock will have two keys, a master key and a unique key. Every lock has a dual mechanism, which allows them to be opened by their respective key. The master key system uses master wafers in the standard pinning, which create a shear lining to allow the master key to open all locks. If you wish to increase the structural hierarchy and authorization levels, you can do it with a sub-master key system.

Do you need one?

Getting a master key for large buildings, universities and hotels is very necessary to control the access between employees and people. Master key system has various advantages associated with it including:

  • Father Son Locksmith Shop Hingham, MA 508-657-3015Offers enhanced security
  • One key opens all the locks
  • Allows you to decide who has access to various areas
  • No need to carry multiple keys
  • Complete control over access to your home or business

A master key system is actually not necessary for all residences or office - only an expert locksmith will be able to identify if your building actually requires a master key system. Professionals at Father Son Locksmith Shop are always ready to give you valuable suggestions regarding the exact type of lock system required for your residence. There are other systems that can be more precise for your building than master keys, so consult our experts before you decide.

24/7 master key services:

Father Son Locksmith Shop is a 24-hour emergency locksmith firm that can address all your new master key requirement, or lost key issues immediately irrespective of the time. Reach us at 508-657-3015 for all your locksmith needs in Hingham, MA area.